The healthcare industry in sub-Saharan Africa reached US$35 billion in 2016. It is growing exponentially and expected to double by 2022. International companies and private equity firms are increasingly doing business and investing in African healthcare, including GE Healthcare, Siemens, Phillips, LeapFrog Investments, UK-based Babylon, and Netherlands-based Investment Funds for Health.

Big investments are being made in hospitals, clinics, diagnostics, and imaging equipment. On a smaller scale, there will be a growing demand for healthcare technologies tailored to the unique needs and context of sub-Saharan Africa.

We believe that healthcare is a basic human right. We know that there is tremendous human and economic cost from poor access to healthcare, hampering the livelihoods and potential of millions, often from childhood. By contributing to fundamental needs like healthcare, housing, and education, SIMBA hopes to unlock the continent’s creativity as millions progress from insecurity to being able to pursue lasting investments in themselves and their communities.

Opportunities in Healthcare: