Agriculture in the 21st century is an extremely high-tech industry. Agribusiness refers to this wide range of activities involved in commercial food production. We believe in agribusiness as a prime investment area in sub-Saharan Africa due to the combination of high need, high growth, potential for positive social and economic transformation, and extensive use of innovations.

Modern farmers are business owners. Modern farms are sophisticated and capital-intensive operations. In this competitive market, producers seek ways to increase yields, mitigate risks and unpredictability, and add value to their final product. All kinds of innovation will find a market ready for rapid adoption, whether it involves seeds, production techniques, machinery, fertilizers and chemicals, food and beverage processing, storage and transportation, data and monitoring, or conservation.

Africa is primed for tremendous long-term growth in the agribusiness sector. Agribusiness employs over 65% of working adults in sub-Saharan Africa, and the market is projected to reach US $1 trillion in 2030, driven by rapid population growth and increased standards of living. Entrepreneurs who can innovate along the value chain have a huge regional market that will grow exponentially in the coming decades. We believe agribusiness presents unlimited opportunities for investment and aligns with SIMBA’s mission of creating jobs and shared prosperity for sub-Saharan Africa in a scalable, sustainable way.

Opportunities in Agribusiness: