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Who We Are

SIMBA Global Startups is an angel investing firm developing partnerships with exceptional indigenous entrepreneurs who are creating society-impactful solutions to problems across all of sub-Saharan Africa. Our ideal founding partners develop post COVID-19 disruptive and innovative solutions in transformative, technology-driven and high-growth sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Renewable Resources (e.g., energy, water, & foodstuffs), Agribusiness, and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). We carefully select our investment portfolio companies with the belief that Africa is poised for the economic revolution of the 21st century in these sectors. Through our in-house expertise, proprietary resources and international business partnerships, we seek to empower promising indigenous entrepreneurs while providing attractive investment opportunities for our angel investors. Our investment thesis is built on three distinctive prerequisites: Integrity, Credibility, and Transparency.

For Entrepreneurs

We partner with promising indigenous entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa SMEs to support their success with access to funding and mentorship opportunities.

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For Accredited Investors

We seek angel investors who are aligned with our investment thesis and mission of promoting African SMEs development and its indigenous entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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