Who Should Apply For The SIMBA Capital Fund

SIMBA Global Startups works exclusively with indigenous entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa who are aligned with our mission of promoting scalable, sustainable, inclusive, and shared prosperity in the region. 

We invest in exceptional and ethical indigenous entrepreneurs involved in early to mid-stage SMEs in transformative high-growth industries. Through our SIMBA Capital Fund, we are currently funding post COVID-19  technology-driven disruptive SMEs in the following socially impactful investment sectors:

The type of Seed and/or Early Stage company which is invited to apply for funding and mentorship:

The type of indigenous entrepreneur we are looking for is exemplary in business ethics, vision, and execution. S/he must demonstrate a perceptive mindset, confident risk-taking, and exceptional leadership ability. Integrity, credibility, passion, reliability, and transparency form the foundation for a rewarding mutual relationship with our angel investors.

Our Investment Responsibility And Commitment

We invest in and empower bankable indigenous entrepreneurs who are ready to accelerate their impact in their local communities and globally. Our angel investors provide mentorship, networks, and resources beyond just financial support.

By registering on our platform, you will be able to:

How to Apply For The SIMBA Capital Fund

To apply as a Founder and/or an Entrepreneur, start by registering for a free account below.

Please note the following requirements:

  1. Your company should have a minimum of 3 years in operation.
  2. Your company must work in one of the investment areas listed here.

Registration For Entrepreneurs And Founders