Entrepreneur's Application Executive Summary


1.    Please submit your 6 Chapters of the Entrepreneur’s Application Executive Summary as delineated below using the file upload in the Dashboard page of the SIMBA Global Startups website.


 2.  The Entrepreneur’s Application Executive Summary must be NO MORE THAN 5 PAGES long including attachments and appendices, and must be submitted in the order of the 6 chapters as delineated below. VERY IMPORTANT: Materials submitted beyond the five-page limit will not be reviewed or considered. Submitting more than 5 pages of Entrepreneur’s Application Executive Summary will be sufficient cause for immediate rejection of the entrepreneur’s entire application.


3.    Respond in sufficient details to all bulleted items under each of the 6 chapters as outlined in the chapter-headings below. Please note that the list is not intended to suggest any particular order of presenting the 6 chapters; you may consider the presentation order best suited for profiling your company. 


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Chapters That Must Be Included In Your Executive Summary

Chapter 1: The Company

  • History, including accomplishments to date
  • Mission
  • Vision

Chapter 2: The Products and/or Services

  • Description of products/services
  • Intellectual property and ownership rights relating to products
  • Development stage
  • Timing of, and process to, commercialization
  • Unique attributes and opportunities

Chapter 3: The Market

  • Size and definition
  • Industry trends
  • Needs for products/services
  • Customers
  • Sales/distribution plan
  • Necessary partnerships and status

Chapter 4: The Competition

  • Comparative analysis, including key features and benefits
  • Competitive advantage/market differentiators
  • Barriers to entry for competitors

Chapter 5: The Company Management

  • Experience of all senior management team, including previous startups
  • Previous experience of the company management team working together
  • Company’s Human Capital Needs/Key vacancies
  • Company’s Board of Directors
  • External or Independent Advisors

Chapter 6: The Financial Statements (Income, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)

  • Founder’s initial investment and/or equity ownership
  • Fully-diluted capitalization table (including options, warrants, and debt)
  • Proforma Spreadsheet of Financials for first 5 years (Monthly for Year 1, and Yearly for years 2-5)
  • Funding needs for this round and subsequent rounds
  • Use of raised funds
  • Exit strategy and timing
  • Business milestones for next 6 months and next 2 years