Our Investment Thesis

We’re looking for investors who see the huge, untapped opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa and share our mission for creating socially impactful economic prosperity in the region.

The investment areas we have identified are technology-driven and especially primed for high-growth post COVID-19 pandemic. They include the following investment sectors:

With high growth comes high risk and the potential for high reward. We invite investors who are excited about the potential for high rewarding investment returns and significant social impact to the communities in the region. The funding and mentorship you provide will have an outsize impact because few other venture capital funds are investing and mentoring indigenous entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa.

Angel Investing Requirements

Minimum participation is US$ 50,000. Most deals will be funded by individual investors, however larger deals in partnership with SIMBA Capital Fund are also available.

More importantly, we expect our angel investors to empower our entrepreneurs to succeed through mentorship and networking. To achieve the highest rewards, we don’t believe a simple transaction of capital for equity cuts it. We help our entrepreneurs grow revenue, find phenomenal team members and advisors, and navigate the challenges of building a business.

Join Our Angel Investing Network

Through our joint efforts, we can create jobs, innovation, and thriving communities that strengthen sub-Saharan Africa and the global economy.

By joining our network of angel investors, you will be able to:

Other benefits include:

How to Join Our Angel Investing Network

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  4. Review and familiarize yourself with the “Issues to Consider in Due Diligence” sheet.

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