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African Union’s Agenda 2063

African Union’s Agenda 2063

SIMBA Global Startups aims to transform and empower human lives in sub-Saharan Africa through the creation of scalable, sustainable, and inclusive employment opportunities. With that mission in mind, we are proud to work in alignment with the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

Agenda 2063 is a framework and set of initiatives first proposed in 2013 that envisions the “Africa We Want”, and what it will take over the course of 50 years to achieve this goal. It was adopted in 2015 by the African Union, which now includes every country in Africa among its member states, and represents a unified goal for a new age of pan-African prosperity. In their own words, “AGENDA 2063 is Africa’s blueprint and master plan for transforming Africa into the global powerhouse of the future. It is the continent’s strategic framework that aims to deliver on its goal for inclusive and sustainable development.”1

SIMBA believes in the tremendous potential of Africa’s entrepreneurs to drive innovation, job creation, and sustainable development if given the opportunity and funding. In establishing a network of entrepreneurs and angel investors focused on sub-Saharan Africa, we hope to accelerate and strengthen emerging markets.

The investment areas we specialize in are intended to promote the goals of Agenda 20632 to:

  • Eradicate poverty in the coming decades
  • Provide opportunities for all Africans to have decent and affordable housing in clean, secure, and well planned environments
  • Catalyze an education and skills revolution, actively promote science, technology, research, and innovation, and build knowledge, human capital, capabilities, and skills to drive innovations
  • Transform, grow, and industrialize our economies 
  • Consolidate the modernization of African agriculture and agribusiness
  • Act with a sense of urgency on climate change and the environment
  • Connect Africa through world-class Infrastructure
  • Support young people as drivers of Africa’s renaissance

We see growing signs that Africa is “the next big thing” and are excited to partner with mission-aligned angel investors and Africa’s vast talent pool of entrepreneurs. Together, we will work toward the noble ideals and practical actions called for by the collective voice of Africa in Agenda 2063. Join SIMBA Global Startups today or contact us for more information.


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