Our SIMBA Mission

Our mission at SIMBA Global Startups is to build and grow a robust pan-African Angel Investing and Mentorship firm that invests in and mentors bankable SMEs founded by indigenous entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. SIMBA Global Startups mission is to transform and empower human lives through the creation of scalable, sustainable, and inclusive employment opportunities in the sub-Saharan Africa SME ecosystems.

Our SIMBA Capital Fund Focuses Exclusively on Indigenous SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa

Few venture capital (VC) firms invest in sub-Saharan Africa’s indigenous entrepreneurial SMEs. Yes, those forgotten visionary young men and women who are passionately building the sub-Saharan Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystems from the ground floor up. Furthermore, few of these VC firms specialize in our carefully selected technology-driven high-growth sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Renewable Resources (e.g., energy, water, & foodstuffs), Agribusiness, and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, all of which today are integral parts of the transformative engine of the 21st century’s vibrant emerging markets. The SIMBA Capital Fund is therefore focused exclusively on sub-Saharan Africa and the historic opportunity to be a part of building a post COVID-19 vibrant indigenous entrepreneurial ecosystem.

When angel investors and entrepreneurs partner with us, they are joining a network of business experts and organizations committed to the region’s development. Some of the organizations we support include the African Union, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and local data mining and research centers. Our insights into the region include the key economic indicators, technological trends, and unique context of sub-Saharan Africa. We translate this expertise into investment guidance. Through our angel investors, we invest in our bankable indigenous entrepreneurs not only financially but through mentorship and networking as well.

Our goal is to develop the indigenous entrepreneurial engine that creates a sustainable and prosperous sub-Saharan Africa.

Meet Our SIMBA Management Team

Philippe Kisunzu

managing partner & ceo

Cheryl Kisunzu

partner & Director of Partnership Initiatives

A note from SIMBA’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Philippe Kisunzu

“I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and have a deep passion for the sub-Saharan Africa region and the potential of its citizens. I am thrilled to support these indigenous entrepreneurs as they pursue their dreams. The creation of their unique businesses will bring much-needed jobs, strengthen local economies, and affirm dignity and hope for those who were hopeless. Our ultimate aim together is to transform the entrepreneurial startup ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa from what they are today into what they could become tomorrow: Sustainable and Prosperous.

I look forward to what we can do together. Get in touch and let’s get started!”